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New Focus

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    Seriously fun to drive

    The new Focus combines award-winning engine technology with an all-new transmission to deliver an addictive driving experience.

    Ford Focus Performance 1

    1.5L EcoBoost engine

    With its turbocharger, direct injection and diamond-like coating on the piston rings, the 1.5L EcoBoost delivers an ultra-responsive performance.

    Ford Focus Performance 2 1

    Smooth Ride

    Enjoy a smoother, responsive drive with the new Ford Focus' all-new 6-speed transmissions.

    Ford Focus Performance 3

    Ford Focus Performance 4



    Great handling

    The sports suspension further connects you to the road for better handling and feel.



    Ford Focus Performance 5



    Smooth hill starts

    Hill Launch Assist automatically activates whenever you're on a hill. Take your foot off the brake pedal, and your Focus will hold the brakes for a few seconds, allowing time for you to push the accelerator without rolling backwards.





    Effortless control

    Packed full of smart technology, Focus does more than make life easier. It puts the world at your fingertips.

    Ford Focus Technology 1

    Just say the word

    SYNC® 2 does the rest. Use simple voice commands to make calls, play music, use satellite navigation, control the interior climate, and even have text messages read aloud for you. SYNC® 2 also includes an 8-inch colour touchscreen, a USB port, and Bluetooth connectivity.

    Ford Focus Technology 2


    We've got your back

    Put your Focus into reverse and the rear view camera turns on automatically, allowing you to see objects behind you, while the eep of the rear parking sensors tell you how close you are. The system also displays a guidance graphic in the navigation screen, helping to make reversing safer and easier. What's more, front parking sensors ensure your whole vehicle is protected.

    Ford Focus Technology 3 2


    Perfect parking

    Imagine. Perfect parallel parking without your hands ever touching the steering wheel. Enhanced Active Park Assist not only helps you find the right parking space, it steers you in hands free. All you hav eto do is operate the accelerator and brake.

    Ford Focus Technology 4


    Ford Focus Technology 5 2


    Your family's safety

    Younger drivers in the family? MyKey lets you tailor and limit car settings - like top speed, stereo volume and the ability to make and take calls. So you can rest assured younger drives will drive as if you were in the car with them.

    Ford Focus Technology 6 2

    Just go

    Fumbling for your keys is a thing of the past. With Smart Key and Push-button Start simply open the door with a touch of the handle; it unlocks automatically. Step inside, put your foot on the brake, press the START/STOP, and you're away. Your key has never has to leave your pocket.


    No worries

    The freedom of the open road is even better with Cruise Control. At the same time, Focus' Speed Limiter helps you stay within speed limits. Focus Titanium's Adaptive Cruise Control goes one step further. Simply set a distance between you and the vehicles in front. If you run into traffic, Focus automatically slows down. When traffic clears, you can return to your pre-set cruising speed.

    Ford Focus Technology 7

    Climate control

    Can't agree on the perfect temperature? No problem. Dual-Zone Climate Control allows you and your front seat passenger to choose individual temperature settings. So everyone rides in comfort.

    Ford Focus Technology 8

    Peace of mind

    Focus has been the top safety rating from Euro NCAP, so you can drive with greater confidence.

    Ford Focus Safety 1

    5 stars for safety

    Packed full of safety features, Focus is designed to help avoid an accident or minimise its potential consequences. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), six airbags, and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) all have contributed to the new Ford Focus' 5-Star Euro NCAP safety rating.

    Ford Focus Safety 2 2

    Your extra set of eyes

    Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) senses if a vehicle enters your blind spot when you're changing lanes and alerts you with indicator lights in the side mirrors. You're also warned of vehicles coming from either direction when reversing.

    Ford Focus Safety 3

    Stay in your lane

    Lane Departure Warning alerts you with vibrations through the steering wheel if you approach road markings without using your indicators. Lane Keep Aid applies steering torque back towards the lane you were in.

    Ford Focus Safety 4

    Helps avoid a collision

    Active City Stop's sensors scan the road ahead. If a potential collision is detected at speeds less than 50km/h - and if you fail to apply the brakes in time - Active City Stop brakes for you, helping you avoid or maximise an impact.

    Ford Focus Safety 5


    Ford Focus Safety 6



    Boron steel safety cage

    Strength surrounds you in the form of a robust, computer-optimised, ultra-high strength, boron steel-reinforced body structre. Sound impressive? That's because it is.


    Ford Focus Safety 7



    Enhanced traction and agility.

    Torque Vectoring Control adds a subtle amount of braking power to the inside wheel when you turn. This ensures that both wheels rotate at the same rate, for a more stable ride.



    Cutting edge style

    More sophisticated, inside and out - the new Focus combines style with innovative design features to take your drive to the next level.

    Ford Focus Quality 1

    Ford Focus Quality 2


    Style comes standard

    Energy. Lots of energy. The new Focus has been reinvigorated with a new, atheletically styled exterior. Its boldly transformed front-end design, sharp detailing, and new front grille make the new Focus a distinctive presence wherever it goes.

    Ford Focus Quality 3


    Stand out from the crowd

    The new focus body styling kit features a large rear spoiler, adding an aerodynamic finish to the roofline, as well as side skirts and front and rear bumper extensions that deliver more than a touch of sporty style.

    Ford Focus Quality 4


    Clean modern interior

    Focus has been crafted for comfort with intuitive controls and improved cabin quietness. The integrated centre console features a USB port, a 12-volt power socket, and adjustable cup holders for improved storage capacity and greater convenience.

    Ford Focus Quality 5


    Crystal clear touch screen

    An 8-inch high resolution colour touch screen is standard across the range and displays everything from navigation information to videos and photos.

    Ford Focus Quality 6

    Personalise your interior

    Illuminate the interior with ambient lighting in the front and rear foot wells and cupholders.

    Ford Focus Quality 7

    Easier night driving

    Concentrate on the road ahead, not the bright headlights in your rear view mirror. Focus' electro-chromatic rear view mirror automatically dims when it senses light from a car behind you, making driving at night easier than ever.

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